Shannon and Patrick’s Florentine Engagement Session in Florence Italy

To take the experience of travel away from these two would be to take away their breath. And truly you can learn so much about one another when you dive into a new experience like travelling to a new place. You learn how to support each other when you’re jet lagged or lost, how to navigate unknown streets, eat new foods, and be totally free of work. How incredible is that?

It might sound dramatic but come on, we were in Italy, right? Two days before their wedding we met up in Florence, an incredible walking city rich with history at every turn. We visited an authentic gelato shop, the Ponte Vecchio, and an incredible Boutique Hotel, AdAstra, owned by my friend Betty Soldi, for a glass of prosecco and beer to top off a sweet few hours. The light in Italy is matched only by Provence in my experience. The soft trees and elegant intimacy that envelops it attracts us all to imagine marrying here, and these two did. What a dream.

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