Jen and Josh’s Cafe My House wedding in Ottawa, Ontario

Every wedding day is unique but not many as unique as dealing with the after effects of a widespread power outage due to tornadoes in your usually pretty sleepy little city.

Jen and Josh started planning their 16 person wedding ceremony at Café My House almost a year ago but they never would have expected that mid-September six tornadoes would touch down in and around their city causing a power outage and a scramble to confirm their venue, communicate with loved ones and prepare themselves for their big day.

Josh was tweeting about the adventure and was contacted by the Canadian Press to talk about it. You can read his article here. Not only was he getting married but his uncle was seriously injured while working on his barn in Dunrobin, one of the hardest hit areas. Thankfully, he is in stable condition and will make a full recovery.

I gotta say, considering the circumstances these two were pretty cool about the whole thing. We wandered around the city taking photos in their home with their cats and at some cool locations nearby. Plus thankfully their vegan venue was still able to accommodate their guests with a lovely meal and a great party after. In the end they were married and they now have quite the story to tell. Congratulations you two. xo


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