Anne-Marie Bouchard Photography film by She Films


I love photographing people and from the bottom of my heart, thank you to Susannah of Shefilms and Shane of Shane Mendonsa for creating this expression of my work at my studio in Kanata and at the beach in Constance Bay. Your talents in video, direction, patience and song know no boundaries . Thank you Jill, Henric, Khloe, Rachel, and Pierre for being my muses and taking time out of your lives to help me create this. Thank you Lauren for being my friend, studio-mate, and beautifier, I feel so lucky that you came into my life when you did. Obvi my family is at the heart of it all. I hope you all enjoy this little piece of my soul. It’s hard to put my work into words but photography is something I love to create, and connections are something I love to capture, and I’m oh so happy to share it.

Anne-Marie Bouchard Photography from SHE films ~ Susannah Heath-Eves on Vimeo.

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